Tuesday, January 31, 2006

shabam! pow! plop... whizz?


I think we've dicovered one of the goofiest comics-related things ever...this video clip for Serge Gainsbourg & Brigitte Bardot's 60s song, Comic Strip. Yup, that's Brigitte up there, in a brunette wig and superhero costume (which I find creepy, but Evan says is pretty accurate for French 60s comics most likely). Not to be missed!!

Forgot to say - while you're there, check out the playlist that it comes from, there's some really interesting clips of 60s French pop! I mainly know the Serge Gainsbourg stuff but there's lots more I've never heard of.


  1. All of Brigitte's French television specials are now available on one DVD. Her '68 special (don't call it a Comeback!) had her doing several Serge tunes, aside from Comic Strip. It also includes the freaky cool "Contact" and the sessy "Harley Davidson."
    In San Francisco we have an occasional club called Bardot A Go Go which does all things FrancoMod.
    You can also buy Serge's video album for Melody Nelson at the essential 5 Minutes to Live site.
    They specialize in much hard to get material, including other French pop.
    You can also find some very rare sixties Europop scopitones at the Videobeat website, which is where I score my rare R&R movie rarities. (Like The T.A.M.I. Show and The Big TNT Show.)
    I also got some amazing Japanese Group Sounds movies from the sixties at Videobeat.

  2. That was dead brilliant.
    Holy crap.
    Serge Gainsbourg is happytimes for me forever.


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