Sunday, July 15, 2007

ghosts of mocca

ghost baby

It's a few weeks past now, so no reason to go in to detail, but Mocca was a lot of fun this year. We only planned for me and Emily to go on Saturday, but Sunday she got upset that we weren't going so we threw clothes on and went along, and it was lots of fun. Both days we saw lots of people, got new sketches in her sketchbooks, and ate yummy dinners. She was super and had a great time. I meant to take some photos of her to match up with the ones from the past two years, but forgot..and all I got were these shots of her playing behind the gauze curtains. (On a side note, she got nice bentos both days! But I didn't take photos....)

Emily got a paper doll set from M.K. Reed, a comic from Abby Denson, and an Owly giveaway comic which she is IN LOVE WITH. (So much for the "wordless adventure" aspect - we have to actually tell her the entire story, in fact she wants to hear it every single night!) We also got some adorable comics from adorable Todd Webb which I haven't read to her yet, but I think she will be loving Tuesday Moon. We've already bought our table for next year, so maybe we'll see you there!


  1. She is gorgeous. As is the photograph.
    (I can't wait to meet her someday!)

  2. oh, thanks!! ::blush:: I think she's pretty cute, but of course I'm biased.


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