Saturday, July 14, 2007

what has been up...

lots, but mainly: wretched, wretched dental trouble. To make a long story short, trouble began just as my regular dentist shut down for a long vacation. I thought I could wait it out, but I couldn't. Spent a couple days trying to contact my regular guy (they said to call if there was an emergency) but no dice. Called the dentist I'm assigned to through our coverage. Who wouldn't see me, because he was going on vacation for the 4th. Called my plan, who called around and made me an appointment, and transferred me to the new office so I could go right away. As I guessed, I needed a root canal. asap...and it was now July 3rd. And everyone was going on vacation. I managed to get an appt for the following Monday (I was offered dates as far away as July 26th!) and stuck it out...finally, the root canal got done, the pain from the actual root canal faded and now for two whole days I've been pain free again.

So that is where I have been. In pain.

Other things (which almost all have posts sitting in draft mode right now which will be finished soon):

loads of cool stuff in the mail!!
MoCCA was great! [check!]
The radishes never turned into radishes, we tried again, and guess what? They were attacked too! It looks like we may have saved a bunch of the seedlings though.
Emily has a pet snail.
We have been working on something very cool which we can tell you about shortly. [check!]
Emily's half-birthday rolled around and was loads of fun. I made the fastest thrown-together cake of all time.

so, more on all that soon. see ya!

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  1. Root canals suck! I've had several of them. But at least they relieve the pain. Glad you're on the mend.


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