Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Yo! It's Gabba Gabba time!

As Evan has posted, what has kept us so busy lately is a job on Yo Gabba Gabba!, a show for pre-schoolers that will be debuting August 20th on Nick Jr. You may remember my posting about this ages ago a few times, little did I suspect we'd end up contributing to it in any way! We had originally done some design work for a live-action segment, but the bit turned into an animated segment, so now we're doing all the character designs, backgrounds and key poses as well as semi-storyboarding it. Pretty fun, if hectic. There are two big reasons we are thrilled to be working on this show:

1 - Christian Jacobs, the co-creator, is a long-time friend of ours. We are all mad excited to be working together on something finally, we originally met because we were going to work together on something years and years ago. I'd like to add that Christian is truly Super-Rad, of all the friends and acquaintances of ours who ever said "hey, if my show gets picked up I want you to work on it!" he is the only one who ever actually called us up to work. YOU RULE CHRISTIAN!

2 - we love it! if we had nothing to do with it, if we didn't know anyone involved, we would be crazy about this and dying to watch it with Emily. It is so much fun, and has so many 80s references both visually and musically...DJ Lance Rock looks like he escaped from the Groove Is In the Heart video, for one thing. As it is, we are nuts about everything we've been lucky enough to see so far...and so is Emily. Of course we are most excited to see our drawings come to life, but everything we see is really cool. And for those of you who don't have a little one, the bands alone are worth tuning in for. I mean, Cornelius! Wow!

Anyway, don't take my word for it, get a taste of it for yourself:

Learn more:
YGG Production blog
E! sneak peek (with Tony Hawk)

And we hope you'll tune in on Monday, August 20th!


  1. ahaha, that show is great. We saw a sneak preview of that clip on Nick jr. last week. I also saw a bit of the Yo Gabba Gabba song.

  2. Oh now that's CUTE! Can't wait to show DD after her nap! :)

  3. Congratulations on the new show.
    I don't believe your a fan of their music. But remember Megadeath? This is an article
    regarding their lead guitarist Marty Friedman who is now living and working in Japan. Who'd imagine he's a fan of Morning Musume?!!

  4. That piece of cheese is kinda hot.

  5. How cool. I can't wait to get home and show this to Max ... he will go crazy for it!

  6. I think toddlers across the nation are going to go bonkers on August 20th! I hope you all come back and let me know what yours think. (Of course, we'll actually be on the road so hopefully we'll score a copy of the episode to show ours!)
    and michael - thanks for the link, that article was fascinating! What an interesting take on j-pop he has, and I'm not being facetious.

  7. As I mentioned on Evan's blog, I only heard about this show a few days ago. And I am not surprised at all to learn you are working on it, as it definitely has a "HOF" type of vibe to it.

  8. I have been looking forward to this show! The Aquabats are somehow involved, aren't they? And now you guys are working on it, so I KNOW its going to be super rad! :)

  9. Super Rad is for sure what it's going to be! I just hope our part lives up to the rest of it.
    The MC Bat Commander is one of the creators and producers of the show...I think at least 2 other Bats are involved but I'm not totally sure, being off in our little animation bubble.


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