Saturday, March 15, 2008

ikea to the rescue!!

emily's igloo

As I have mentioned before, Emily loves Animal Crossing. During the winter, animals in the village built igloos every day and she became obsessed with igloos -- having one, going into one, making one...on a trip to ikea we spotted this KOJA igloo tent ($10!) and somehow snuck it right past her. I set it up while Evan distracted her upstairs and it has made the perfect little playspace for her -- she likes to go in there with books, and you can see the current crew who are asleep inside. I wish they'd had this when she was smaller, I'd have let her sleep in there!


  1. So cute!!! We have that one plus one that my mom gave her for X-mas. I kid you not, for all of January she slept in the tent! in her tiny room! :)
    I love that they have their own little space.

  2. Both of my kids (ages 7 & 4) love tents/igloos. My son (named after your Evan) has a plastic igloo that he and his sister play in outside (when we have snow).
    I sewed 2 tee-pees a couple of years ago that the kids play in indoors & out.
    There's something cozy and inviting about a small space like a tent.
    Incidentally, I found the coolest fabric today. I'll post a picture of it on my blog.

  3. Before I had my own little bundle'o'fun, I bought the Ikea Igloo as a belated bday gift for a friend's son (By the time he got it, he was almost 1 and half!) I realized after I brought it home, that it said 3+ on the package. I gave it to her anyway, with apologizes "if it was an inappropriate gift" She laughed, and set it up. Huge hit! He takes his snack in there, and everything. For the price, new toddler gift for everyone now!
    (sorry this response is so late to the post, my baby is 4 months, this Mum gig is amazingly crazypants! But mostly amazing ^__^)

  4. Ha! I too am guilty of the pre-motherhood baby gift that was a little all works out though. I am definitely keeping the igloo in mind for future baby gifts! It's too cute!!


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