Monday, March 10, 2008

this brilliant idea is not mine

fabric organization

See all that fabric to the left? Standing up all nice and tidy like a row of books? Never to fall into a sloppy pile or tangle into each other again? That is result of my stumbling across this blog post last week, which explains how to use comic book backing boards to organize your fabric, and going "I must do that now!!"

So on our next trip to the local shop, we picked up boards (Golden Age size, if you're interested, so that I can actually store and move the wrapped bundles in magazine size longboxes, and not the ridicuously expensive ones, either), I dug out an extra box of pins and then I got to work.

And I am here to tell you that this is a fabulous system. You can shelve your fabric or bin it and easily see everything at once. And it can't leap out of a cabinet and attempt to kill you, either!

One note: I lost the blog entry and had to go googling around for it, and came up with several posts about different ways to do this; I think it's important to use this particular method which folds fabric over the top and bottom of the board. This will prevent the fabric from slipping off if it's a bit loose or the pin comes out.


  1. Oh, very cool! I love your fabrics. It's nice that you can be organized and also show them off at the same time. :)

  2. De-lurking to say this is great! I'm a sewer and a quilter (my husband's a comic book addict so boards and boxes a plenty at our house). Brilliant!
    My daughter loves the dresses you've made for your little girl (she's especially envious of the Yo! Gabba! Gabba! character dress). I envy your talent.

  3. tenae - thanks! those are actually fabrics I plan to use in my next few projects - but it turned out to be a pretty arrangement!
    misc - thanks for delurking!! seriously, isn't a comic book fan in the house the greatest thing a crafter can have? the supplies cross over so well! although Evan does occasionally get annoyed when he grabs one of *my* boards since it's all mismatched (I store pattern innards in golden age bags, backed with silver age boards. drives him crazy!!) And please tell your daughter I said thanks!

  4. Now I thought you and Evan were of the "We don't believe in bagging our comics," camp.

  5. Well, I don't personally bag comics, just patterns! I asked Evan about it and he reminded me that he bagged our older comics because they were starting to disintegrate. I guess that's what happens when your old comics all came from quarter bins!!

  6. Love your fabrics! They look wonderful all organized on your shelf... glad to see you found my post!


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