Wednesday, March 26, 2008

of eggs and bunnies

This year's Easter, coming in the middle of a load of chores and work and illness, was not so awesome. Plus, I was freaking out the night before because there was not one single piece of candy in Emily's basket (which is really a bucket). Not one. I meant to get her a Lindt bunny like we'd gotten the last two years, but they vanished from shelves before we bothered to buy one. Luckily, she really didn't care. She got bunny socks, a load of books and three new wooden animals for her "zoo". And a Hello Kitty egg dying kit (the vile, unnatural totally screaming bright dye kind!) and it suddenly was the best Easter ever.



Then, she put little Hello Kitty stickers all over them.

Of course, once they were all dyed and stickered, she wanted to put them all outside for the Easter Bunny (yeah, she's totally got that whole thing backwards) and it took us a couple of days to convince her it was okay for us to eat them. Now she's into it and I'm afraid she'll never eat plain eggs again!

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