Thursday, May 29, 2008

good job, mama goose!

Just over a month ago, we went to Mitsuwa and below a walkway out back overlooking the Hudson, we spotted a nesting goose, with papa-to-be standing guard close by.

April 24th

Emily was very excited by this and couldn't wait to see what happened. A few days ago we went back and went straight to the nest to see what was up -- and what did we find?

May 23rd - ta da!

Three fluffy little goslings, and two proud parents. I swear, Emily was as proud and as excited as if they were her own little hatchlings. Good job, mama goose!


  1. Ahhh - what a wonderful experience - I can relate to her being excited! They are so cute! ;)

  2. Aren't they! We were all excited. There was another family (also 3 goslings) around the corner from them, theirs had obviously hatched a few days earlier, so that was fun to see as well. Emily of course wants to go back every week to watch them grow!!


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