Wednesday, June 4, 2008

how did I miss this until today?

Can you believe there is finally a place that will custom print a small length of fabric that you design? It's my dream come true! As well about everyone else's apparently....Spoonflower is a new business that will print out your own designs on fabric which you can then use for clothing, crafts, whatever. And the results I'm seeing on their site look amazing!! Evan and I have wished for a way to make our own fabric for as long as I can remember....and of course now I want to just design fabric for Emily's clothes, ha ha!! I think we would still do some fun prints of our characters as well, of course. Finally, the search for the perfect print would be over! Yes, it's a bit pricey, but it's actually cheaper than many imported fabrics, so not that bad. Especially when you're talking kid's clothes that take just 1-2 yards. My brain is practically boiling with ideas right now. Unfortunately, they are in beta so I have to wait. for. an. invite. and wait. I'm normally a patient person, but I want to make fabric right now!!!! If you want to make fabric, run over and sign up on the list too. And then.....wait.


  1. DOH! I SOO should have told you about this. I got my invite last week, but don't yet know what I want them to make for me. I'm thinking of some material for decorating a nursery with :) It IS pricey.. but to get EXACTLY what you want? It could be SO worth it.

  2. ooh! how dare anyone have an invite when I want one! ^_^
    I think it's totally worth it. I mean, you can easily pay $20 (or far more) a yard for import stuff if you want something nice than the usual. What are Liberty prints, like a jillion dollars a yard? It's probably worth more than what they're just is going to require careful thought and planning until Uncle Moneybags drops some cash on the doorstep!!

  3. I've been thinking of this very thing - wishing for it, actually, and now my wish has come true.
    Too many ideas for fabric flooding my brain right now to continue...


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