Wednesday, June 4, 2008

it's strawberry season!

We all love strawberries here -- we eat them in season, and I freeze them in sugar for strawberry bread and as puree for Emily's yogurt. Hopefully we will get a chance to go and pick them this year, but our June is pretty packed so maybe it'll have to wait. (Someday, I'll have a deep freeze full of berries all year!) Emily also loves strawberries on her clothes, so I made her this shirt this week:

strawberry shirt

Some polka-dot jersey and pink interlock, plus a little green baby-rib from an old t-shirt. The pattern is Zoe from Farbenmix -- it looks a little like a rashguard to me, but it came out pretty cute. Emily certainly loves it! Strawberry and stem were freehanded and then cut out. (Is that even English?) I also tried the Farbenmix-recommended triple zig-zag on the hems, and I actually really like it a lot. I will definitely be doing that on knits from here on out! I did not try the recommended ironing-the-shirt-before-you-take-a-photo technique there, apparently. Oops!

If you are in a strawberry locale, I hope you enjoy your June berries as much as we do!!


  1. Oh - that is so sweet! I love the green neckline as well. I just came in from tucking Frida in out in the garden where she sleeps in her pram. I passed the strawberry bed outside, and just noticed that the first few strawberries are red already! And then I came in to see your post - funny! Hope you get to go picking strawberries! And thanks for the tip on the hems - I'll definitely try that! :)

  2. I used the zig-zag to hem pj's - worked like a dream.
    The shirt is adorable! Point me in the direction of cute knit fabric, please.

  3. Thanks guys!! And astrid, I am so jealous -- your own strawberry bed!! We don't get enough sun to grow any fruits or vegetables. Maybe in our next house....


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