Wednesday, June 18, 2008

spoonflower update and what I made!

To everyone who's asked -- yes, Spoonflower have been totally awesome about trying to work out the problem, and are re-doing my fabric and trying to find a way to prevent this from happening again. It's all part of being in beta, I guess! And while I was unhappy about the problems, I am totally happy with the way they have handled it. Fingers crossed the new yard of the monster fabric will be suitable for Emily clothes! In the meantime, I was able to use the unwashed Milk & Cheese fabric and some bits of the Monsters that I....un-squared? Intentionally skewed? back out of shape to accomplish what we wanted to do for Heroes Con, and here is a peek:


Okay, I'll let you see them for real:

the stuff!

Pencil cases and (refillable) Moleskine jackets for the large and small cahier notebooks (my favorites, notebooks included)! A look at one open:

an inside look

Whoops, that's my own with graph paper! Anyway, we will have a very small number of these for sale at our table, and only 3 or so Monster items in the whole batch (the "or so" meaning, depending on if Emily successfully snags one for herself). So if you're interested, stop on by!

For those of you interested in the process, a few notes: I was slightly wrong about the skewed fabric being totally fine for something like this. It was totally possible to work with it, but omg did I have trouble NOT following the grain when I was sewing! It was giving me conniptions to sew what seemed to be such crooked lines. But other than that, the fabric worked beautifully for these. Here are the prototypes I made while working out my pattern:


#1 - the hedgehog fabric: I decided I hated how it looked with binding around the edges. It works fine, I just didn't like it.
#2 - not pictured: actually, I threw this one out. It was close, but not quite there.
#3 - the frog fabric: this was the one I made once I was sure the pattern was what I wanted, I like this one a lot.
#4 - the robots! Here's the final prototype, after playing with it a bit I decided to add an elastic strap (like the full-size Moleskines) to keep it closed. This one I loved. And in fact, this one is the one I'm using right now.
And finally, the prototype pencil case: no changes from this one, although there was an earlier version that didn't work right. And now I have a matching frog set!

Anyway, that's it, time to pack and get ready to get out of here in the a.m. Have a good weekend!


  1. You are so talented! These look great. Be sure to let us, your loyal readers from the other side of the country, know if you don't sell out...

  2. You are so talented! These look great. Be sure to let us, your loyal readers from the other side of the country, know if you don't sell out...

  3. Yes! Someone else who likes book sleeves. I only have one that I bought which protects paperbacks when I throw them in my bag to read them. I envy the people who will have a chance to buy your nice covered notebooks. ^_^

  4. When I read your post the other day, and you mentioned non-washable craft, I totally thought *ding* book cover! So it looks like there are a few of us kicking around! Well at least you know there are a few of us who can't make it that'll snap up any ones you might make in the future! Nerd Alert!
    The spoonful people seem really great about making nice of everything, good for them! This is why they have Betas ^___^

  5. Ohmigoodness, those are AWESOME! You have GOT to make photo tutorials of how you made these! These are the best versions of the cover and case that I have ever seen! Whoever gets this will be SO lucky!

  6. Wow! Those are spectacular, Sarah. Really impressive. I adore the hedgehog fabric (saw some at Fabric Fairy and now will have to buy some).
    Too bad you'll not be at Wizard World Chicago. You should totally sell those on Etsy.

  7. I love your notebook covers! Beautiful work! :)

  8. I'm amazed at the precision of your sewing. The notebook jacket is amazing. I love the monster fabric! Hopefully Spoonflower will be able to work out those issues...glad to hear they were responsive about it.

  9. nice run. for those not going, can we make etsy preorders or something?

  10. Sarah, when I make a design for Spoonflower will you take care of the details? You are so much more on top of printing than I am!
    Whew! And I wish I had time to sew some Magic Trixie dolls before San Diego. When do you find the time?


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