Tuesday, July 1, 2008

wha' happened?

I know I am in the middle of several email conversations, a few transactions, and more -- plus there has been no spoonflower update -- and you all are thinking we've gone into hiding or something. Actually, not so glamorous. We got back from Heroes Con and literally 2 blocks from our house, the car started acting up. The next day, it died. As in dead. As in, a new motor is necessary to make it work again. So....the car is still (one week later) awaiting its new motor and we are carless. But we thought, well, okay, we've got lots to do and there is plenty to walk to around here including the Greenmarket. Whammo! By Thursday am Emily was terribly sick, then we followed. We are all still sick -- Emily's cold is fading into a cough and crankiness, Evan seems to be doing worse, and I seem to have just developed the FLU on top of the summer cold. So...there is no Fun here at the House Of. Thank goodness for the Lawgiver, who visited and helped us restock our fridge and cabinets. Hopefully we will be back in action soon. Until then, thanks for your patience!


  1. Wow.
    I hope you all feel better.
    Including the car.

  2. Oh, no. Sending you plenty of virtual chicken soup, rest and all sorts of good vibes.
    Hope Emily perks up soon. Nothing worse than a sick child (except a sick husband - mine turns into the biggest baby when he's ill).
    And the car - bummer. And it sounds expensive. Ugh.
    Take care and feel better soon - all of you.

  3. thanks guys. fingers crossed we get a call from the garage this afternoon and at least have a car again, if not our health...

  4. I'm mildly amused at the difference of point of view between you and Evan with him kvetching about nothing of interest/use within walking distance and you saying there's plenty.


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