Monday, July 14, 2008

the horizontal dart

I'm getting questions and comments about the horizontal dart, so here's a pic:

RÖMÖ skirt -- the dart

Okay, that's an online edit of the original, not a new detail photo but I think you can see the dart clearly? So basically, every a-line skirt I've ever seen had vertical darts that led to the waist. This pattern has four horizontal darts that hit around the hip area, left and right, front and back. The waist curve is much deeper than usual, but when you sew the dart, it all pulls into this nice curvy shape. Honestly, I didn't think it would work since I'd never seen it done before (and found no examples on google of such a thing) but it actually fits better than patterns I've used in the past with the usual darts to the waist. I'm totally sold!!

I made no adjustments to the pattern at all, just figured out my european pattern size (on Ottobre's size charts, which you can download as a pdf here, btw) and cut the pattern out. So far, farbenmix has yet to disappoint! (if you're interested, take a look at the official design gallery.)


  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting! I was so confused *lol* Interesting, it really does give the skirt a nice shape!
    Think of all the people who are going to google the darts now and find your 'thumbs up' on the matter!
    Can't wait to see Emily's matching one!

  2. What a cute skirt! I have to ask, though, where did you get the pattern??? I see it on the farbenmix site, but can't find it at the usual online stores (sewzannes, fabric hound, etc.). I love the way horizontal darts look, but haven't ever had a pattern that used them...

  3. Gal: you're welcome! And yeah, the last post was in the top 10 results when I googled again to make this post!
    Catherine: (and anyone else interested); yeah, it is a Germany-only pattern. I get my German farbenmix patterns through a yahoo co-op right now. I think they are trying to switch all the printing to the US, and hopefully US retailers will start carrying the full line eventually!


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