Sunday, July 13, 2008

skirts ahoy!

So, we're (mostly) back to speed now. Emily was luckily only sick briefly; Evan and I developed horrible (and I mean horrible) sinus infections that are just now finally winding down. So now the catching up begins in earnest!

I got my replacement Spoonflower fabric quickly and the grainline is much straighter -- still a bit off but nothing like that first batch. One thing I did notice -- the colors are slightly different on the monster fabric (not on the milk & cheese fabric), not obviously, but just a tiny bit brighter. So you're definitely going to want to treat each print run as a new dye lot and don't expect to piece them together. Although, sometimes you'll be able to (just like different dye lots of regular fabric, yarn or whatever). Order the amount you need in one go! And what's happening to all this lovely fabric? Well, I haven't been able to get back to making any more stuff (sorry for those of you waiting!) but Emily finally got her wish. It's not a dress, but I think it may work even better than my original idea:

monster skirt

The pattern is the same Japanese pattern I used for her brown polka dot skirt; the solid tiers are a pink denim I've had forever (which was still slightly less stiff than the spoonflower fabric), and the trim is a "mauve" velvet ribbon. She was wearing it within oh....15 minutes of it being finished? The fabric works well pieced in like this, I think I will keep trying to come up with ways to work with it.

Then I decided that I really needed to start trying to sew for myself as well..and this is the result:

RÖMÖ skirt

It's the farbenmix Rømø skirt pattern (which is actually a mother-daughter pattern in all sizes!), made out of some....ah! Amy Butler fabric. I bought this from someone I knew because I liked the color and the silhouette pattern. It's lined instead of faced, and trimmed with more velvet ribbon (plum, this time). It's very comfortable, and fits well. The horizontal darts kind of freaked me out but they actually work! The only thing I don't like about it is that I had to use a regular zipper as my local hellhole Joanns had invisible zippers in about NO sizes and NO colors. I'm thinking this'll be great as a winter skirt in something heavier, too! But first...Emily wants a matching skirt. Luckily, I have fabric leftover and this pattern includes her size! If the kid version is as easy as the mom version it'll be done in no time at all.

Anyway, more later as we slowly catch up!


  1. Wow, more stiff than denim?? That's pretty stiff. The skirts look LOVELY. Tess saw the first picture and this is her quote, "CUUUUUUTE!" :)
    How do horizontal darts work?

  2. The skirt you made for Emily is beautiful - I have to make a skirt for Ronja soon! The skirt for yourself... I want it! It's amazing! Love it - I wish I had the guts to sew for myself, but I'm hesitant because of the fitting issue. Beautiful work! :)

  3. 2 fantastic skirts :) i love what you've done with the monsters, quirky without being too "novelty" iykwim. and the pattern/fabric choice is spot on for yours too, feminine but not over girly. nice work.
    i'm trying to imagine how horizontal darts would work and i just can't...

  4. Loves it! Tiered skirts are one of my fav to make ^__^
    I've been hanging back a little on making clothes for the little one, only because she'a not even 8 months, and even though everyone keeps telling me she'll slow down (growing wise) there has been no end in site! But I did end up picking up a couple patterns, if nothing else to help clear out some of my larger scraps!
    Any chance we could get a pic of horizontal darts? I am also on the confusion train about that one! So lovely!!

  5. Thanks everyone!! And I've just written a post since the horizontal darts are as confusing to everyone else as they were to me. So if you want to know more, go have a peek!

  6. Glad to hear you all are better. Read about the "apple butter" (eeewww).
    The skirt for Emily is so adorable. I love the tiers. And the ribbon is a great touch.
    I LOVE your skirt. That fabric is great - I love Amy Butler's prints.
    I have put my machine away for a couple of weeks. We needed the dining room back for its intended purpose (the family coming in from out of town just can't sit down and eat on my cutting mat and fabric and patterns, etc.). I'm anxious to play with my new birthday toy - a serger. Whee! I haven't used one since my college days and it was a total surprise (along with my Tonner Supergirl doll).

  7. Love both skirts - the horiz darts are cool - can't wait to try it - sounds like a great fit if you have waistband gappage issues.

  8. Lovely; where can I find a pattern like that??? Thx!

  9. WOW! I love that fabric. Great design.

  10. Thanks again, all!
    Deborah: which skirt do you mean? If you mean the tiered skirt, I use a Japanese pattern I have but there are tone of tiered skirt patterns out there. They're pretty basic. If you mean mine, it's a German farbenmix pattern I special ordered through a pattern co-op on yahoo.


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