Saturday, May 24, 2008

robot pajamas!

the robot pjs

I was not kidding when I said Emily was practically harassing me over wanting robot pajamas. Every day it was "are my robot pajamas done?" "Can I wear robot pajamas tonight?". Finally, finally, she has robot pajamas. Sorry for the wrinkly photo, they're back on her the minute they're out of the laundry.

These were so easy and simple, but just getting going was a saga! I had several vintage kid's pj patterns, but all way too big or small. I went to Joann's with a list of patterns, and, my local Joann's being a total pit, not a single one was in stock. I started flipping through catalogs and found a really nice looking Burda pattern (out of stock of course) and finally a New Look pattern that was actually IN. THE. STORE. At last. Making the actual pajamas was simple. Cut a single pattern piece twice, sew it up, add elastic, sew an applique on a tank top from Old Navy (Emily hates sleeves at night). Okay, maybe that's a slight over-simplification. Still -- so easy, I have already made her 3 more sets!!


  1. Oh, Sarah. Those are totally the cutest pj's I've ever seen. I LOVE that fabric!
    I have fabric and patterns for my kiddos but have yet to find the time to sew. Now they are on summer break, I'll have a bit of time (they keep asking for them - especially my daughter who will have the girliest pair of dino jammies ever created). They won't take long, I think, and I'll be making tops & bottoms. Using the Old Navy tank was genius.
    Did you make Emily 3 sets of robot pj's or are they different?
    You are inspiring me (again).

  2. Those pj's are SO cute - love the robots! Ronja has been needing pj's and I have been looking for a good pattern for them, but now that it's summer (and she gets soooo warm at night) I think I'll postpone it a bit. I'll keep these in mind for inspiration! ;)

  3. Thanks guys!!
    Misc: There are actually 2 different robot PJs, then a set with dogs and a set with tropical birds. And I've just cut out set 5 (black with polka dots) because we found an extra tank top!
    Astrid: You know, Emily is the same way, she can't even stand to have sleeves on at night in the winter. So I'm not sure why she wants long pants on her PJs, but it is still quite chilly here at night. Maybe when it gets warmer I will be making shorts for all these sets!


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