Saturday, May 16, 2009


We have been in search of the perfect brownie recipe for our hosuehold (that would make everyone happy) and nothing has ever really worked out. Until now:

best brownies ever

Want a closer look? Zoom into the chocolateyness here! This is a recipe I found on the King Arthur blog, it's actually a recipe they've published for years, apparently, but this blog post gives you a step-by-step along with some tweaks. I followed the blog post (although I erred and followed the amounts in the original recipe) and the results were amazing. Most importantly, they are still great a day later -- I find that practically any brownie is awesome still warm, but a day later, meh. Not these, they are still going strong. (The next test will be to see how they handle freezing -- since it makes 24 brownies! I froze half and we'll see how that goes.)

Next time, I'll probably use plain dutch cocoa, the addition of the black cocoa wasn't necessary I think. And I added the chips immediately instead of waiting -- and there are still visible chunks of chocolate in the brownies, not quite as much as on their blog but plenty for me. Of course, I will have to actually get more dutch cocoa as I forgot I was almost out when I placed my recent order! And can't afford shipping for one item may be a while before we have these again. Sigh.

Oh, and Evan says they are better this way:

even he approves

Now go fix yourself some brownies!

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  1. Oh I am totally making those brownies. I don't have access to black cocoa, so will just use plain Dutch cocoa. I think Col will love me even more.
    Oh my hair was cut and foiled 2 weeks ago, so it might be lighter than you've seen it before? It looked horrible anyway because I had washed it, and this stupid Biolage shampoo does NOTHING for my hair...I'm going to only use the organic hippy shampoo which my hair seems to like. And it was windy yesterday, so that wasn't helping.
    Ok, I'm way overdue for bed...can you tell? LOL


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