Tuesday, May 5, 2009

what we've been eating...

in all this gloom (a week of rain we're having. and I mean raiiiiin).

Soup and sandwiches!

soup and sammich

some bright and happy orange muffins made with this pulped navel orange:

orange pulp

(I did not make the topping, just made them plain. I was leery of pulping the whole orange, but it really is good.)

and for fun, fiddleheads!! They showed up in our Stop & Shop and I grabbed a bunch. They were as good as everyone says they are (sort of asparagusy). I'll definitely grab them again when I have the chance.


And of course, cupcakes! But more about those later.

What have you been eating?


  1. Never eaten a fiddlehead! I got some baby asparagus last week that was wonderful - the tiniest, thinnest little things I've ever seen. I found a recipe onnline from Tessa Kiros that I was going to try yesterday before one of my husband's coworkers IMed me to mention he was craving pancakes, so there went that plan. Tonight I'll try again! Next week will be our good eating week though as we have friends visiting. Guests means fondue and raclette in the same week! Add in Eurovision and we'll have a grill party and then we're going to the Blind Cow (eat in the dark)restaurant for a big dinner. Hmmmm, this is turning into a blog post - I should go write it on my own! What soup was in the first picture? It looks wonderful!

  2. Fiddlehead?? Never heard of it. Sounds nice though.


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