Saturday, December 4, 2010

dala horse cakes!

Like a lot of people I know, I bought those IKEA dala horse DRÖMMAR pans when they came out a while back, but I never actually used them. Yesterday, I saw this adorable stocking design on the allsorts blog, and thought "aha! I'll decorate the cakes like that! And make the red and white with red velvet cake batter and powdered sugar!" And voila, red velvet dala horses:

red velvet dala horses

That's the little one, the big one is here. He's not as cute because he baked longer and isn't so red. But still, cute xmas dala cake!
The pans really are non-stick, I was impressed. I may have to get more bakeware from IKEA in the future. The design I made by cutting a stencil from typing paper based on the allsorts dala horse, putting it right on the cake (not reusable, obviously!) and sprinkling the sugar over it. Emily looooves them, and I think they will be reappearing all this month.
I only wish they had a set of little pans to make lots of individual horses!


  1. Those are adorable! Almost too cute to eat. By the way, making animal cakes with red velvet is a favorite of mine... I made one on Lila's last birthday and my in-laws acted like I had a screw loose. Heh.

  2. Love the cakes.... but I think you spelled VIOLA-WA-LA wrong. ;-) I'm surprised they don't have individual horse tins - that would be so cute.

  3. This is totally unrelated to the post but I saw your comment on PR's vintage board about Maxant belt kits and I was curious about which you usually buy. At the top of the page, they have kits with the buckly, tong and template (whatever that is) but the listings on the bottom seem more complete. Could you please clarify for me via email? I've never used them. TIA!

  4. So very cute! I'll have to try this--my mother takes the baby to IKEA at least twice a week so I'll ask her to scout out some fun cake pans...


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