Wednesday, January 28, 2009

CPSIA blogging day

Today is CPSIA blogging day -- but I'm not going to say much because Evan is busy posting a whole load of information I gathered back in December. Why is he posting about it? Because we realized weeks ago that come February 10th practically every comic shop retailer is going to be a felon. What are comic shops full of? Toys. Comics. Things that look they they are for kids (even if they are not). And comics, along with toys and everything else on the planet, are regulated by the CPSIA rules in less than two weeks. ALL ILLEGAL, GANG! Back issues? Definitely illegal. Everything I've worked on, from Supergirl, to manga, to my own stuff and collaborations with Evan? Hazardous material. I'm glad we sold off virtually all of our inventory in the last two years at various conventions, because we can't even sell it ourselves. Anyway, I gathered a ton of links and he is writing it all up now. If you are so inclined, check in at his blog shortly.

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