Saturday, January 10, 2009

polar bear pullover!

Here's another successful bit of December sewing -- the "perfect" winter dress for Emily. I worked the pattern out myself based on features of all her favorite dresses, and here's what it's got that she loves: very short cap sleeves, which qualifies it as short/no sleeves (although I can get her to wear a long-sleeved tee underneath); a comfy elasticized neck that just pops on and off (based on a Japanese tunic that she loves and is rapidly growing out of); a snug fit in the torso; and a bit of swing to the skirt. And of course, a really cute fabric!

polar bear pullover

When I first saw this Hilco "Knut" sweater knit (that's sweatshirt fleece to us North Americans) I knew I had to make something out of it for her, it is just so cute. And she loves polar bears, and she has even seen video of Knut himself (although she likes Flocke better). So I grabbed a yard of the pink and thought about it for a bit...and this was what I came up with. Here's a closer look at the neckline and cap sleeve.

polar bear pullover - detail

The fabric is so soft and warm, I feel a little better about the fact that she won't wear a jacket. And she loves it so much, the 2nd one (same print, but in blue) is already cut out. I'll be trying it in a jersey when it warms up as well and see if it works as a warm-weather pattern too!

I am supposed to be doing my Eye Spy today, but the topic was "something I want to try in 2009" and my answer is....nothing! (taking "try" to mean try out or attempt for the first time, not "hope to finish", because I've got plenty of that). 2009 is going to be the year of tying up loose ends and focusing on my favorite things to do. So, no plans to try any new crafts or activities in the next 12 months! Maybe in 2010....

Hilco "knut" fabric in pink from Buntefabrics.


  1. I am sitting here with Romy and she is saying:"Hey I know that fabric and I like this dress!" I agree with her, I like it very much as well and self drafted! Wow :)

  2. That dress is so adorable! I bet is so cozy and comfy. I love those cap sleeves. They are so sweet.
    As you know I have some Knut fleece in pink too. I was thinking of making Moo a top out of it. I'm not letting her see this dress, or I might be making something similar. ;-)

  3. I love it! Madeline and Ellie are both telling me that if I made this dress for them, they would totally wear it lol! I'm thinking that *I* would wear it, too!
    I had an Emily moment the other day... I was in Motherhood Maternity looking for some tee shirts. The woman informed me that the long sleeved tees were on sale, and I honestly think I growled at her when I said, "I don't DO long sleeves!" LOL! That's why God created the South =D

  4. Sarah, seriously - it's adorable. I'm sorry you didn't use a pattern, because I would love to copy this - beautiful shape, and I love the sleeves! I remember when you purchased the fabric, and I liked it then, but I must admit that it really comes into its own in this dress! Fabulous! :)


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