Friday, August 8, 2008

freebie friday!

Yowza, good thing I never announced my intention to write more frequently this summer, because that sure didn't work out. Between the illnesses, the car going into the garage twice (at least the 2nd time was something simple and easy to fix, although it seemed catastrophic), working like crazy, and the general ick-ness of summer...oh well. Anyway. To make up for my slackness, it's my first giveaway!!

I did an interview for the newsletter of Quirk Books, and to thank me they sent along some of their books to check out.* One of the books I was interested in was out of stock, so they sent a few others along and one of them was this:


Unfortunately, I do not knit anymore, and if I ever start again it'll be just for clothes, I think. But, it looks like it could be a lot of fun for someone who does like to do this kind of knitting! So, I'm offering my copy of this book up to one lucky reader! Leave a comment or shoot me an email if you're interested, and I'll pick someone randomly on Sunday night. Good luck!!

*more on the other books later!! and news on the interview when I get it!


  1. I'd love this book! I hope you pick me!

  2. Now that book looks adorable! It would be so much quicker to knit a little doll than a sweater - dontcha think Emily would love that??? LOL!
    Oooooh - I got my patterns Wednesday ;o) Actually met up with Jennie lol! We had a great time - thank you so much for "introducing" us!

  3. I've seen that book, and I would LOVE it! My daughter is a huge Elvis fan, and there's an Elvis pattern in the book. :)

  4. That book makes me want to learn to knit.
    What are the other "icons"?

  5. Sarah, that's really generous of you! You don't need to put my name in the hat though, because I don't knit either (closest thing is that one of my mother's friends knit teddybears, and she could definitely use a pattern - LOL), but I'm looking forward to more about the interview! :)

  6. Astrid - too funny, maybe you could all casually leave copies of good patterns about where she'll find them? And I'm waiting to hear when the interview will be up! I'll let you know!
    And to everyone else who commented or wrote, your names are all in the proverbial hat, but Emily wants to pull the winner and she's out with her Dad today. So I'll let you know first thing tomorrow!


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