Sunday, August 31, 2008

This favourite fabric/craft supplies shop

Sadly, I have no local shop to support. Yes, I do live in the Metro NY area and have -- in theory -- access to the amazing fabrics and notions in mid-town. However, the reality is that with the little one to wrangle, going there is impossible. And what I actually have nearby is a dreadful pit of a Joann's. If I need a zipper, I go, but I come out cursing just about every time.

So, I shop online! And my favorite shop is the etsy supplies section -- truthfully, I don't necessarily buy that much, but I browse to see what's coming out and what might be cool. I've also been a long-time customer of equilter for their selection, great website and customer service. (The website is an important factor to me; if a website is hard to use, doesn't work in firefox or just annoys me, say, by blocking right clicking on links when HELLO that's how you open that link in another window, you goofuses. Not to mention, blocking right clicking doesn't do anything to prevent image theft. Oh, and in fact it doesn't do anything because I just block your ability to block me, ha ha. It just annoys actual customers, like me, who don't give you their money. okay, I'm digressing here, where was I? Oh, then I don't come back.) And finally, for basics I like and, which is a diaper-making supply shop, but carries loads of high-quality cotton you can use for anything!

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  1. Not being able to right click cheeses me off, too!
    I honestly can't remember what life was like before Firefox. I have 3 windows open with uh... we'll just say "countless" tabs.
    I also do actually like to save images. I have a whole folder with swatches of fabrics in it, and when I save it to my computer I always put the shop's name in the file name so I can remember where I got it from - it's like my own fabric portfolio. For my own personal use of course, but no right clicking just makes me move on from a website so fast.
    Two Cheese Please

  2. Re: the no-right-clicking, I soooo totally agree with you! I love your rant on the subject. haha

  3. On-demand fabric printing
    I thought you might be interested (if you have not seen this already).
    Also, nore ACTION GIRL comics, please.

  4. I'm glad it's not just me!!
    HOLLY, that is a brilliant idea, and I'm going to do that plus keep a folder of everything I actually buy, too.
    RICHARD, aw thanks! And thanks for the spoonflower tip, I'm already a customer there though!! I can give them two thumbs up without hesitation.


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