Saturday, August 16, 2008

muno guitar - new and improved!

Some of you may have seen the Yo Gabba Gabba toys popping up at Target and Toys R us (and ebay, if you want to pay 10x the real cost...). There's some pretty cute stuff! We ran across them last week and let Emily pick out two -- she went for the talking Brobee and the musical Muno guitar. (I think the guitar was her number one pick!)

Unfortunately, when we got it home and unpacked it, it turned out to be just too heavy for her to hold it and "play" at the same time. She loved it, but she could only play with it on her lap, which was just not fun enough...especially when Cornelius came on and she wanted to rock out 3-year-old style.

I was afraid I was going to have to take the whole thing apart to add a strap that would stay on! But when I started looking at it, I realized that two of the slots in the back that the horrible packaging twisty wire went through were in the perfect spots to improvise a guitar strap! So, I took two short lengths of 3/8" elastic, one length of 1" wide cheetah print ribbon (picked out of my ribbon box by Emily) and a hot glue gun....and ta-da! Guitar strap!

muno guitar - now with strap!!

It works perfectly - she can already sling it on and off by herself. Here's a closeup of where it's attached -- basically, I just ran the 3/8" stuff through the little holes, hot glued the ends to the ribbon, and then used lots of hot glue and rolled the ribbon up.

cheetah guitar strap

I could have used a narrow ribbon instead of the elastic, it really has no function -- I just had it handy. You can't take it off, but if it gets too short I'll just cut it off and make a new one. And now she can go crazy during the Super Music Friends Show and play along!


  1. I cannot let Flynn see this or I'll never hear the end of it. :-) The guitar is so cute. Is Muno's arm a whammy bar?
    Why didn't the manufacturers include a strap? Strangulation hazard? The leopard print is a nice touch.

  2. Too cute! I'm totally loving that guitar strap :D Noah got a little drum for his birthday last year, and it has a velcro breakaway in the center of the strap... Not so sure I'd mess with that if I were making one myself tho.
    I'm going to have to get that YGG DVD - any chance they are putting it on Bluray? LOL! I wich YGG was HD, anyway ;o)
    And those lollipops look scrumptious! Nice work!

  3. actually, the package calls it the "whammy arm" and it works! You also strum the eyeball (which moves in its socket -- eek!). I'm guessing the strap was left off for budget, it's a 3+ item so I doubt strangling is a safety issue?
    And on YGG -- actually, it is shot in wide-screen HD (which means that about half our work isn't seen!) but who knows if it'll ever be shown or released that way! But I think it's a smart move, it future-proofs the show. For a bit, anyway.


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