Thursday, August 28, 2008

yo gabba sleepover!


Reader Gal from Panada tipped me off to this one -- Sears Canada (not Sears US, apparently) has a Yo Gabba Gabba Ready-Bed, a kid's inflatable sleeping bag/bed thing -- which seems pretty cool, actually, the idea of a little built-in air mattress in your sleeping bag sounds good to me! I wish they'd had these when I was little, man did I hate sleeping bags on the floor.

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  1. It is really interesting to see what is being released up here! We have the mini plushes (HB has little Brobee, and Muno) and we saw the singing characters, but only a Todee, Brobree, and Muno, and the train set! On the back of one of the display they show little balls that shake? That's what we wanted, but anyhow I think a trip over to Target will be in order soon.
    ps. Sleeping on the floor sucked, but I pity anyone who tried to get in between me and my "My Little Ponies" sleeping bag!


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