Wednesday, August 27, 2008

have you faced your manga?

For some reason I didn't see any Face Your Manga icons until just the other day, but of course I had to try it when I did. My "manga" avatar is not terribly off:

my manga face

But Evan's is dead-on...too funny!

evan's manga face

Emily demanded one too, even though there is no "small child" option, so here's a probably inaccurate representation of a 10-year-old-or-do Emily. It made her happy though.

emily's manga face

Like all such things, it seems to be luck whether or not you can make it look like someone (I had zero luck getting anything even close to my brother!) But still, a fun way to waste a few minutes if you're bored....(and the site is working!)


  1. LOL! So cute! :) I love that Evan is giving us all the finger. Very appropriate!

  2. Either I've seen Evan in bad lighting or I've just never realized his eyes were green. I thought they were brown all this time.
    Oh darn, the link won't work for me.

  3. Those are priceless! At first glance I thought they were drawn by Evan himself. Very sweet! It could totally be the cast of a hit anime series: Crazy Angry Artist Happy Fun Time!


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