Wednesday, October 1, 2008

fall sewing: the purple edition

I've gotten fall sewing underway, with several projects finished (although, unfortunately the light changes this time of year, making the house glow but making photographs hard to get!) Here are two, both purple at Emily's request. First up is the recycled Henrika:

recycled Henrika

Henrika pattern from Farbenmix, made from some navy cotton rib and a recycled Hanna Andersson playdress (the dotted purple stuff). The skirt is really the original playdress skirt grafted on to the Henrika top. I think it came out really cute, but Emily has declared war on all sleeves, so it may be a while before I get her into it. I had very little trouble with the pattern; the sleeves I chose are long by design but I shortened them a tad anyway.

Also purple, and thankfully without sleeves, is this Noelle skirt, also Farbenmix:


Here it is from the back:

Noelle - back

I love the lacing detail -- I did the topstitching in a decorative stitch that echoed it. Black velvet ribbon trim, sparkly plastic pony beads on the laces for extra oomph! I did run into some trouble with the Noelle pattern, I think this is the first thing I've made for Emily that actually is a bit fitted -- and now I realize that she is a size smaller in width than she is in height. Everything up until now has been slightly boxy in the cut, so it hasn't been noticeable, but to my surprise, the skirt slipped right off! I have it laced as tightly as possible now, and I think over tights it will be fine. But I will have to watch out for this in the future. It was a "shocking surprise" (as Emily likes to say) because I still think of her as the roly-poly bundle she once was, but that was about 2 years ago now....oops! I will definitely use this pattern again, but I will measure more carefully on all fitted patterns from now on! (And I've already recut one I was working on.)


  1. I don't think I'd have the guts to cut up a HA dress, expensive as they are. But the resulting dress is very cute! Makes me think about this old, unflattering nursing dress I have, made out of very pretty navy-flowered cotton knit. Maybe THAT'S my candidate for cutting up...

  2. I love the colors :) The Noelle Skirt is specially cute... Got to try one too!

  3. How funny that your daughter is so into purple. My older daughter has an obsession with purple and has ever since she was about 2 1/2. This year's fall sewing she has allowed me to branch out into more wine and maroon colors but the purple is still the winner.

  4. Oh the Noelle is rockin! So totally cute!

  5. Those look great! I may have to add that Noelle skirt to my pattern collection.

  6. Great idea! I've been looking for ways to recycle old hannas that are outgrown since the fabric is so thick, cushy, and wonderful.
    Nice detail work on both the henrika and the noelle.

  7. Thanks all!! Yeah, I think the Noelle is adorable; I think we'll get more use out of it when she's older though! And I will definitely be recycling Hannas again in the future when I get the chance -- I already recycled a pair of Hanna PJ's in the Quiara I made recently! The fabric is just so astoundingly soft.


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