Wednesday, October 15, 2008

sweet cherry insa!

cherry insa detail

Here's the latest installment in the Autumn sewing blitz -- a cherry corduroy Insa for Emily! This has actually been in the works for ages, ever since we (Emily and I) saw Sara's cherry cord Insa on flickr and Emily insisted that she wanted THAT SKIRT. So, I decided to simply clone Sara's idea and used the exact same Robert Kaufman babywale corduroys for mine! Here's the full view:

cherry insa

Plus, here's a shot of it on the dressform, as the weather has gotten warm again and there's no chance of getting it onto Emily anytime soon. (Also note the completely inconsistent light we have this time of year -- every room a different color.) I ended up almost trimming it identically -- I brought home a very similar green ribbon along with my pink rick rack! But the ribbon didn't wash well so I waited, and then I found that perfect jacquard cherry mini-ribbon. I did not copy the trim on the yoke seam from Sara (she said it is always covered up anyway), and I also added a little medallion that I made from scraps. So, it's not a perfect clone...but it sure is close! Luckily we're continents apart, so no chance of an embarrassing playground faux pas.

The pattern went together incredibly well -- it is a bit long, and definitely too long for a girl who plays in the dirt in her skirts and dresses, so I shortened the yoke quite a bit, and truthfully, I'm happier with the proportions this way. The resulting skirt is really nice, full without much bulk. We like it so much there's a second one underway already!


  1. Ok, I've come back again. I like it with the shorter yoke. I will have to try that with the next one I make for Moo as I'm sure there will be another one in her future.

  2. So I *totally* disregarded your warning and I had to come peek ;o) Ellie is, as usual, in love with Emily's wardrobe and wants me to make her a "skirt just like dat one" lol! Thank goodness I have the pattern already! I was actually thinking about it yesterday and wondering how it would do in corduroy... Looks like it does great! How much did you shorten the yoke? Ellie is so short. I'm really glad you said something - thanks for sharing!

  3. "Oh, Mommy! It's beautiful. I wish I had a skirt like that." - direct quote from Flynn.
    I, too, love that skirt. The medallion is a nice touch. Gorgeous.

  4. TOO sweet! So very pretty!
    XOXO -N.

  5. Oh, Sarah - I love this skirt! Beautiful details, and I love the cherry fabric! Fabulous job as always! :)


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