Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Do you think I might have a little too much single-fold binding there? Considering I just need to edge a tablecloth?

too much binding?

Yup. Too much.

yup, too much binding.

Note the finished tablecloth underneath the apparently untouched mound of binding. I'll be making Halloween-themed linens for the next decade.


  1. OH NO!
    That's really quite a lot of binding! But I'm sure you'll use it all up - it's a nice fresh orange colour. Or you could send some my way ;D
    Two Cheese Please

  2. Received my patterns today - thanks very much and have a wonderful weekend!

  3. That fabric is so cute! Cowboy pumpkins make me smile.
    I'm in the midst of making a Jawa costume for Evan - the glowing yellow eyes and no face have me stumped.

  4. That is crazy! Have you made matching napkins yet? You could bind those maybe?
    When in doubt, poke around the Martha Steward site! They have a lovely little tote bag made with bias tape.
    Still, made me smile, I always over shoot these sorts of things!
    Love the end result ^___^

  5. I still haven't thought of anything to do with it!! I'm hoping I can find more of that fabric (doubtful) or something that would match to make napkins. Or maybe I should just buy some ready-made napkins and trim them. Napkins ought to use it up!!

  6. I wonder how many Emily dresses could be trimmed with that binding? LOL!
    Darling tablecloth, btw =D


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