Saturday, October 18, 2008

spooky skirts and birthday fabric

Matching halloween skirts for me and Emily!

Spooky Rømøs

Both skirts are made using the Rømø pattern I've used before. The base fabric is a "Spooky Hollow for Joann's" cotton I bought years ago and stashed when it went on sale - I've waited all this time for a good reason to use it! Finally! The orange dotted fabric was left over from making Emily's Halloween costume dress (in fact, the ruffle on her skirt was actually made for her dress, I had a big length of ruffle left over and she asked me to put it on her skirt). Here's my skirt alone, and Emily's. Honestly, I think this is my favorite skirt pattern, so simple to put together (both versions) and also so easy to dress up. I just did a facing this time on mine (instead of a full lining) since I will probably not wear it as much, which made it come together even quicker. The girl's version is so easy I'd make Emily 10 of them....if I didn't suspect she is planning to boycott skirts now (as well as pants and sleeves).

I also have to show off this adorable cotton fleece (think really nice sweatshirt) I got for my birthday from my brother! (Well, with the gift certificate he got me from Bunte Fabrics.)

hilco knut fleece

It's called Knut, after the famous polar bear, obviously. So cute!! I think it will be used for a copy of a favored dress Emily is on the verge of growing out of. I will almost hate cutting into it!! I also got the corduroy you can see in this photo, Emily picked that one out from the choices I gave her. NO idea what that's going to be. It's so adorable. I should also note that Bunte Fabrics is having a great sale right now on Japanese canvas fabric as well as lots of other stuff -- if I hadn't already known what I wanted it might have taken me forever to decide what to get!


  1. I love that Halloween fabric. It's supercute! How long is the skirt on Emily? We're in the midst of potty training, and it's starting to get too cold for dresses (for easy access). I think skirts will be perfect!

  2. I love the skirts - you too are going to be the coolest couple! Did you know that Rømø is a Danish island? ø is a Danish letter (ø = island), and I think Farbenmix must have been looking to Denmark for the name. Errrhhh, and by the way - I was wondering what's left, if Emily boycotts skirts, pants, and sleeves...? Sleeveless dresses and nothing else? ;) I love the Knut fleece - and I adore the cord! I already knew that Bunte fabrics is having a sale, but I do think they're so expensive still. Wish I had a gift certificate... :)

  3. Weird - it doesn't accept my ø - anyway I'm referring to this letter:

  4. THIEN-KIM: it's about knee length on her, but totally adjustable. Don't forget that skirts and dresses will mean leggings or tights though -- you might want to stick with pants!
    ASTRID: I didn't know that! I do know there is a "Ronja" pattern that always makes me think of you and your Ronja! I have it...but, pants. ugh. yeah, sleeveless dresses. It's going to be an interesting winter!

  5. ASTRID: I fixed your "ø"s, it will only take one kind of code for it, weird. Anyway, after looking at the wiki entry, now I understand why the patten is called "Rømø" but people constantly call it "Römö" on the German sites! And I've seen it called "Romoe" as well. I never could figure that out! Unimportant mystery solved! ^_^

  6. Cute skirts!
    You are scaring me though! I bought that same cord a few weeks ago!!! I was also looking at that Knut fleece too. My lovely Euro fabric seller in Aus has both of those fabrics.

  7. Gah! The skirts and the Knute fabric are so. freaking. cute! I can hardly stand it.
    I really wish JoAnn's still had that Spooky Hollow fabric. I'd totally hoard some.
    You and Emily will be the coolest looking mom & kiddo on the playground. :-)

  8. Ok, so you see what time I'm here looking at your blog, right? Heehee! I've managed to peek in without Ellie knowing! I am so in love with the fleece!!!! Gee, thanks so much for sharing that fabric store link, too ;o) And those skirts are way too cute - love that black!
    FWIW, I make legwarmers (babylegs style) from knee socks and put them on Ellie with skirts and dresses when she was potty training. They were great for covering her entire leg, but making for easy diaper access, too. Now Audrey steals them and wears 'em with her skirts!

  9. Thanks for the fix - lots of peculiarities around the letter. Actually in Denmark, since browsers typically don't understand the ø without a certain plugin, people choose between 'o' and 'oe' when replacing it in f.ex. domain names, which does lead to a bit of confusion on the subject. (More unimportant information given...) :)


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