Friday, April 16, 2010

mini wardrobe - done!

I had a last minute substitution, but I made it in to the contest. Not that I expect to win (or need to -- the prize is fabric! eek!) but I'm very happy to have finished my projects. Not to mention, to have focused enough in one month to have finished five pieces of clothing for myself, plus most of another, plus started a round of new clothes for Emily. While doing a kajillion other things! Anyway, here is the result:

Project Spring 1953: wardrobe composite

I actually wore outfit 3 (blue top + denim skirt) yesterday to Emily's Scout meeting, it's a great outfit. The big-pocket skirt pattern is by far the big success story, although I like the black one a bit more than the blue. But it's a fantastic skirt and it makes me want to toss all my non-pocketed skirts out the window! The plaid skirt I'm feeling eh on...I love it in theory, I love the fabric but...everytime I put it with a top I don't love it so much. I think I just prefer darker colored skirts. But I'll make myself wear it and see how it goes.

Now to get to Emily's dresses, and we've got a new entry in the lineup! After I sent all my leftover patterns to Pattern Rescue, I had a big point balance with them. And when the latest round of trades went up, Emily saw a pattern she loved. I requested it and I got it! It's on the way now. I wish I knew how much yardage I needed, I'd get some fabric ready! Seriously, how cute is this? The kid has good taste! (okay, she has taste I also agree with, in any case)


No idea on the fabric yet, but I think cherries may be involved.


  1. I really like your wardrobe, very pretty 50's mommy without being over the top. Comfy AND nice.
    Uhm... Maybe it is the mini-model gazing seductively over her shoulder with her hair tumbling all around her.. Maybe I've read too much Russian literature... But isn't that dress a little grown up? I think it must be the pose that looks so suggestive to me. Cherries might add to that effect. (Hope I'm not ruining a pattern for you!)

  2. They turned out great!! What a nice little wardrobe - i love that denim skirt to - it's my favorite

  3. I love the denim pretty! I bet you looked smashing, and congrats on making it into the contest!


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