Thursday, April 15, 2010

wait...what's that I see? salvage operation in progress!

So after yesterday's post, I realized that even if my idea to salvage my cardigan worked, it would no longer match the plaid skirt, so the pieces wouldn't make up a coordinated set. So there was no need to rush things (I found fabrics in my stash and had thought about trying to finish -- more about that below). But then I noticed the top I had cut out and was going to sew while I was working on these pieces was...a perfect match!

salvage effort!

You'd think I'd have realized I was making another matching piece, since I was using the same thread and all. But somehow I didn't notice until I had put the skirt down right next to it. So, I finished up the top, and I have four pieces! If I get photos today, I will still enter the wardrobe. Not my original concept but....close enough for me to be happy with it. Plus, of course, more clothes that fit!

Now, on the cardigan, I decided I really did like my idea of the contrast fabric (like this), and went looking to see what I had. I found a knit:

looking for a match

Which I think is too dark. Especially for Spring. I found a woven fabric (I bought this years ago, I mean years ago, as a contrast for a dress I never made):

looking for a match

That photo isn't so good, it really does match in real life. That's probably what I am going with unless I come across something better. Unfortunately, the one perfect match I found in the house:

looking for a match

is my bookbinding tape. Vetoed by the family, so no tape-bound cardigan! I'm really warming up to the idea, and I think I may also do cuffs and a narrow binding at the hem so there are no folded-over edges on that fleece. I"m giving it some time off though, no more mistakes please! Now I'm off to get my entry done before it's time for Daisy Scouts!

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