Saturday, April 10, 2010

one pattern leaves, another pattern enters

So, what happens when I give away a pattern? I win a new one!! But, as Zoe pointed out to me, upgrading to the things that you will use and that will fit you is a definite positive move. And isn't this dress cute? I want to make it this summer, and definitely in stripes!


I also wanted to further the stash busting cause (instead of stash building) by reminding you all of Zoe's fabric swap - de-stash something you won't use and trade for something you will! Also, in the giveaway comments, Caelyn let me know about the Kateri Circle Sewing Group, a women's sewing group at the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, which can use just about any sewing item you can imagine (there is a complete list at their site). I've already started a box of things to send them.

And now, proof I have been sewing:

IMG_9019 - Copy

There's my 1953 blouse, as well as the black version of my 1953 skirt. The blue skirt (and the gathered skirt) are all cut and ready to go, I hope to have them done by tomorrow. The cardigan? Well, I'll finish it but I don't think I'll do it by the deadline! But I'm still going to give it a shot -- I just think my workload at the moment is too heavy for much sewing time. (We're even skipping the Mocca art show this weekend for the first time since it began!!)

Finally - we were discussing tracing materials over on Mikhaela's blog and I wanted to show you all what my favorite paper looks like:

tracing paper

On the right is the standard "pattern tracing paper" I've had for ever. On the left is what I use now, Border & Riley's "Sun-Glo" paper. Super strong, you can write with anything on it, very durable and really, pretty inexpensive. I have the 36" x 50 yard roll and I don't expect to replace it for a long, long time. You can't sew it like you can the swedish-tracing paper type stuff. But for everything else I love it.

And now, it's time for me to stop -- it's Saturday and that means biscuit day! I'm off to the kitchen!


  1. I love it. Classic, effortless, beautiful in its simplicity. White tee and jeans remixed. The rust stain woes were worth the trouble.

  2. Oh, what a beautiful outfit! That skirt is fabulous!

  3. Excellent info about the pine ridge group - thank-you. You know i have a wee bit of stuff i would love to ship off to a worthy cause. Love the new duds - they are gorgy!

  4. I love the pockets on that skirt and the combo is fab. I have finished sewing a dress from the fabric swap fabric you sent me. It's shown on
    Just wanted to say a big Thank you - it's such a pretty fabric, I still have plans to use the remnants and the ribbon!

  5. The top came out amazing! I love the neckline!! This is such a smart looking pair up!
    Very inspiring!
    Also, very interesting discussion over at PDO, thanks for directing me over


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