Friday, April 2, 2010

stashbusting report - March

Whoops, a few days behind there! Anyway, it's time for my report on project:

On the pattern front, I purged well over 100 patterns last month -- I'm thinking it was close to 200? I don't actually have an accurate count, but I know that well over 120 of them were vintage. A bunch went on ebay, and the rest just got donated to Pattern Rescue. I confess I've restocked a little bit, but the patterns coming in are in my size (or Emily's, or close) and the patterns that left would have never been used. And I certainly have not added anything near 200 patterns! Not even 20. I've also starting scanning all my patterns so I can refer to them more quickly and use them better.

As far as fabric goes? I've been keeping a spreadsheet of fabric in and out, and my net for February was -24! Woohoo! 24 yards out, one way or another!

But then came March. I had to cash in the gift certificate I won in the wool sewing contest, I put up some flannels for Emily's Fall PJs (Hello Kitty flannel on sale, couldn't pass it up!) and I needed specific fabrics that I didn't have for the mini-wardrobe contest. (This is one problem with my fabric, a lot of it was bought for kid's clothes and I can't use it on much else!). And since I didn't get my mini-wardobe done in net is +17. Making my total since I started +7. Sigh.

But, a lot of that is already cut out (or even sewn, just not finished), so I'm hoping April's total is a lot better!

Now, in the interest of reducing, I have a few more patterns I don't need, so here's a lovely Simplicity dress from about 1954, size 14 (32" bust) that can be yours!

Simplicity 4881

Just leave a comment and tell me what you've used up or cleared out in the past month from your sewing stash! I'll pick a random name next Monday night (okay, well maybe Tuesday morning), so don't forget to leave your email address! (It won't post, don't worry). And don't forget to pop over to Zoe's and sign up to stash bust along with the rest of us!


  1. I would love to win this retro dress. Since I am just getting into retro fashions, this would be a great way to start.
    I just used some fabric I have had since last year, to make and apron, so I finally made it!

  2. Hi there! Yours has been a mighty cull! My personal stash is close to under control thanks to a move into small quarters last fall, but even so-- this month I used some five- or six-year-old fabric for a dress, and four-year-old fabric for some high-waisted shorts.
    I love your giveaway dress enough to de-lurk, but in the interest of full disclosure, I'd probably go out and buy some brand new fabric to make it with, hahaha.

  3. Oh, I'm a miserable stash-busting failure. I did do a major purge of the fabric stash but I'm not sure what to do with the purged stuff--some is good enough to give away at the next BurdaStyle Brooklyn meetup, but the rest... I don't want to just throw it away?
    As for patterns, I totally "won" myself a whole headaches worth of vintage patterns on eBay in the form of several giant mixed boxes. I plan to pick out the ones I like, are reasonably close to my size and would actually sew, then sell the rest (or try that site you mention).
    So I'm not putting in for the giveaway, cute as it is!

  4. I've been working on a never-ending square patchwork blanket. All my stash of scraps gets cut into squares which slowly get added on whenever I have the chance. Someday I'll declare it done!

  5. black black and more black on the prom dress from #@!$!@#$ but it is pretty over 10 yards several diffent fabrics...

  6. Hi Sarah!
    (Don't put me into the pattern draw, because even though the pattern is GORGEOUS, it's not my size, boo.) I just wanted to say that you have done amazingly using up all that fabric and passing on all those dormant patterns! I know you bought more fabric and patterns, but I'm sure you bought things with specific purposes that will be used rather than just horded for the sake of it. Now Me-Made-March is over I plan to devote more sewing and blogging time to the Stash Bustin' cause, thanks for keeping it alive!
    Happy sewing
    Zoe xxx

  7. Ow im so happy I found this give away.
    I have cleared out my pile of things that I wanted to refashion and brought them to the thriftstore. It was like three big bags of clothing that I have been holding on to for way to long. This doesnt count for sewing stash but inthe same ride I also let go of a bike, a lamp and a desk. I was feeling so good after that I brought it all away.
    By the way I cannot believe how much patterns you must have had :)

  8. I didn't know about Pattern Rescue until I read your post on Sew Retro this morning. I just sent them 66 patterns - many of them vintage (1940s to 1960s). I have about 50 more to box up and ship. Please don't enter me in the pattern draw - I've put myself on a strict pattern reduction plan! I just want to thank you for putting out the word about Pattern Rescue and helping me to create some space in my studio!

  9. I love that dress!
    hope i can win even i�m not from your country
    This evening i finished a skirt i made from a fabric i found for almost no money in an vintagemarket.
    And a bedsheet I internetshopped to sew dresses was too washed out so i made my bed with it instead:-)

  10. Hi, I love your blog! I cleard out my fabric stash by making scraped mexican style dresses for my daughters this easter. What was left from those I made into matching little bunny purses.(my kids are under the age of 7) I now have more space to stock up on new fabric, and I'm feeling especialy green, using all of the scrap peices.

  11. Hi, I just found out about this giveaway! I'm 17, and I am currently making a blouse from a Ottobre pattern-the fabric is blue and white checkered embroidered gingham! It looks great so far, and every stitch is sewn by hand. :)

  12. Also, my mom cleared out our patterns by sending an extra Ottobre magazine (which has a dozen or more versatile patterns in each) to the women's sewing group at the Pine Ridge Reservation. They are very in need of patterns and fabric. I'm sure they would appreciate it very much if anyone here would like to clear out there stash by sending items to them! It is the Kateri Circle Sewing Group. :) [edited to add the link: ~sarah]

  13. I'm new to your blog, which I've just added to my RSS-reader. Thanks for the opportunity to win.
    I've finally gotten around to using some beautiful ribbed brown buttons on a handbag which I made out of the last knick of grey fabric around. It's refreshing as well as empty, whenever you use the last of something. :D

  14. Oooh, just my size!
    I made a circle skirt last month with some fabric that I just couldn't decide what to do with, as I had changed my mind about the pattern I was originally going to use it for (too hard!) Working on bustin' some deep red fabric at the moment into a jumper dress.

  15. I love vintage patterns! Since I just moved to a different state and was trying to bring less along with me, I got rid of 2 boxes of fabrics, mostly bulk knits that I would never got around to using. I however still have large boxes of fabric that I just couldn't part with.

  16. That's such an adorable pattern!
    I've used 2 of my brother's old t-shirts to make reusable drawstring bags. Very fun & easy.
    Actually, my stash has more yarn than fabric, heehee.

  17. Lovely pattern.
    The last thing I used from my stash was flannel to make pit-packs for my family.

  18. What a lovely dress!
    ... I gave away some of my vintage pattern (those I will never ever make). But I have to confess: I love to hunt for new ones :)

  19. This is such a beautiful pattern! I just used up some yellow fabric I've had for awhile to make a lovely Easter dress - which I wore today!


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