Tuesday, April 6, 2010

a winner! and sewing confessions...

I have a confession to make. I have been cheating on my mini-wardrobe! Horribly!

It all started because my jewel-necked blouse gave me so much trouble (actually, they call it "jewelry-necked"). The pattern is fine, but the project was cursed! First my iron coughed up rusty water all over it. I was able to get it out, but when it dried overnight, the dampness from the spot I'd cleaned spread into the entire blouse -- and I'd left pins in a facing. Yes, "rustproof" pins. That rusted. I tried to get that rust out, and ended up with a giant yellow stain. Got that out, ran it through the wash, where it picked up -- can you guess? More rust. Got that out, yellow again, wash again....argh! I spent far more time cleaning that blouse than sewing it. It's done now, and very clean. But I don't even want to look at it.

So then, instead of working on the rest of the mini-wardrobe, I, uh, didn't. I made my "simple-to-make" skirt out of black denim instead. Not to test the pattern, but just because I wanted a black skirt now! Which I do like a lot, and making the blue one should be a snap 2nd time around, right?

Then, I started tracing patterns for a new top for me, and for Emily's spring wardrobe. (She's picked some really cute dresses!) Finally last night I did trace my cardigan, and maybe I'll even muslin it today. Or...maybe I'll make my new knit top. We'll see if I can stay on the straight and narrow!

And now to the giveaway! I re-numbered the comments leaving out the non-entries and the winner is:


Stef! Please drop me a line, Stef, and thanks to everyone else who came to play! I'll have another pattern to de-stash when I make next month's stash busting report, so I hope you try again!


  1. Oh, man! I would have LOVED that pattern! Crikey, now I have to bookmark your blog and stalk you for more destashing posts. ;)

  2. Growl. This is what I get for going away for a long weekend. Oh well. I like reading about your stash-busting, and how you keep track of what you spend, very similar to a system I keep in my head. Neat.
    I found another butt bow for you. :)

  3. And you're exactly right, it is a snap the second time around. We still have a week for the mini, right? Plenty can happen in a week.


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