Sunday, April 13, 2008

it's cherry blossom time!

cheery cherry blossoms!!
uploaded to flickr by this little bento

Cherry blossom season is moving across the country right now (it's here right now, although the official festival isn't for a few more weeks) and we've been seeing the evidence. At Mitsuwa we found cherry blossom tea and KitKats (as well as potato chips and several other things I didn't feel like trying!)

cherry blossom time

And at our local Stop and Shop -- cherry blossom beer? With...Pucca on the label? Definitely not licensed, I'm thinking someone found a Pucca doll and didn't know or care that she is actually Korean and thought "cute asian thingie, put that in the photo!" This probably is foul and I don't actually drink anyway but I was overcome with the urge to buy it. So we did.

cherry blossom time

Hopefully, we'll get to go to the festival -- if not, we'll at least try and go picnic under the trees before they stop blossoming. I couldn't find any national guides to tracking the cherry blossoms, but check around and see if you've got any cherry blossom viewing spots near you!


  1. I've brought up the same point about Pucca on the Hanami Ale ... but it's tasty stuff. I really should've bought two packs when I had the chance.
    We just finished up our cherry blossom fun in the D.C. area. The trees in bloom are something I look forward to every year and I'm always a little sad when the blossoms fade.

  2. I will check around for Hanami Ale and give it a try, funny about the mishmash of Asian stuff on the label. We have some cherry trees near the zoo that were donated by the Japan American Society of Cleveland, but it's going to be a few more weeks at least before they are in bloom. I don't know if they do an official viewing. Wish we had a Japanese grocery store--the asian market is mostly Chinese and Korean so I can get some stuff but not sakura kit kats.

  3. Eden - thanks, maybe I'll give it a try after all!
    Donna - yeah, it's some mishmash, isn't it? It's like a cartoon of someone's idea of asia...and truthfully, the kitkats weren't really all that, actually. you're not missing much!


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