Thursday, April 17, 2008

baby aquabats tee

We are totally overwhelmed with work and obligations (so overwhelmed we are not going to be able to get to the NYCC at all this weekend -- sad!) but while I have almost no time to post or go online, I have been wrapping up a number of projects lately. (Especially since Emily's interest in sewing means she will sit near me pushing a needle through some felt while I sew.) Here's a favorite -- my first made-from-scratch t-shirt! (For Emily!) Surprisingly, it was not hard and came out really cute. It's made from a pattern (farbenmix Quiara) and I used two t-shirts I wasn't wearing (they were too big) to make it, so it's also recycled. Crazy!!

bats shirt

Normally, the first time I make a pattern I like to make it without changes, but I did widen the neck a little to get more of the screenprint onto the shirt. I also would have liked a stretchier knit for the neckband, it came out fine but it was a pain to sew. But, we're all happy with the final result. I will definitely be making more tees in the future, now that I know that it's actually possible.


  1. Very cool! Interesting design with the long sleeves coming out of shorter sleeves.

  2. That is one super cool shirt! I've been intimidated by t-shirt material, but maybe I'll tackle it later on in the summer.
    FYI, my 4-yr-old daughter (the one obsessed with Yo Gabba Gabba) was walking around the house yesterday pretending to be Super Martian Robot Girl. She was singing the song and everything. Pretty funny.

  3. totally impressed! both with your handiwork and the fact that emily likes to sew!

  4. thanks guys! really, so much easier than I'd expected. Misc, you should definitely give it a try!
    Tenae - actually, that's a pretty common kid's style -- I guess to get the layered look without trying to get two shirts on them? I do like it, we have a shirt like that readymade.
    Barbara - it's so cute, she is working on just getting embroidery thread through felt on a hoop and making abstract designs. She keeps asking for her own machine. And the truth is...we have a kid's hello kitty machine stashed in the basement! But it's going to be a while before I let her near it...


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