Thursday, April 3, 2008

best baking blog in the world

Thanks to Natalie of the awesome cupcake blog Bake and Destroy, for posting about the Black Oven, a black-metal inspired baking blog. So. Cool. I. Can't. Stand. It. Go read now!! And even do some baking!!

Also thanks to Natalie for hosting the Great Candy Swap, which I have had loads of fun in already -- and I haven't even gotten my package yet! But filling the package for my partner was way fun. But more about that later...

And I also have Natalie to thank for posting about Cake Mania, which I bought for my DS and became completely addicted too!

Hmmm....maybe Bake and Destroy is the best baking blog in the world....


  1. I checked out the baking blogs, they're awesome! Thanks for pointing them out. I must check out Cake Mania, too... I've been playing Zelda on our DS but it might be time to branch out!

  2. This came unbidden to my head:


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