Friday, April 25, 2008


my shoes are here!

My shoes arrived! I love them. For those of you who asked - they are Converse Project Red shoes, designed by an artist I was not familiar with at all, Camilla Engman. Her art is great, isn't it? (There is a high top version as well, but the background is white.) I thought they ran about a half-size big, but the ones I have worked out great.

And yes, I got some sleep. thanks!


  1. Those shoes are so fab, I can hardly stand it. The artwork is so cute but modern.
    Did you order 1/2 size larger or your regular size?

  2. I ordered a half-size smaller. okay, actually I ordered two pair and I'm keeping the ones that fit! I really love these, and I'll be watching for more project red shoes in the future in case anything else this cool comes out!


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