Saturday, April 26, 2008

new clothes for emily! and; why there aren't more...

Finished up two new projects over the last couple weeks while all the deadline craziness was going on. First up was this dress:

cherry dress

The pattern is from the Spring 2008 Ottobre Design magazine, and it was my first Ottobre project. Really very simple and I was really happy with the results. The dress came out a bit short, but we found leggings that went with it perfectly and the outfit has already been worn to a friend's wedding and looked great. Emily actually spotted this cherry print online and asked for it! She was happy to finally get her "cherry dress".

And want to know why don't I get more done? Look at this photo and check out that print lined up on that back seam. Why did I do that? That's called being totally anal overly meticulous. I mean, it's a kid's dress. She'll have grown out of it by Fall. Note to self: relax.

Then I finished up this little top:

a top like Nele's

it's another farbenmix pattern, "Hannah". I shortened the sleeves, accidentally cut off part of the seam allowance and Emily made me cut off almost 4" from the bottom. And it's still a bit blousy on her, so I'm going to say this one runs kinda big. Still cute on, though! It was originally just going to be a plain basic for wearing under jumpers, but she insisted on a heart applique so she would have a top "like her Nele doll".

Next up: if Emily has her way, it will be Robot Pajamas. She asks for them every day. The fabric is here, now I'd best get looking through my patterns!


  1. *sigh* I WISH I could sew like you. That Cherry dress is particularly to die for. And I don't remember if I properly oohed and ahhhed over that tshirt you posted last time. And this blouse is adorable! Every time you post, it's something even more fantastic. (Seriously.. etsy a 2nd cheery dress (not being so particular about the pattern matching up!) or ebay or just plain charge me and I WILL BUY IT! OMG!)
    *sigh* Maybe someday I can sew so well ;)

  2. I LOVE your cherry dress - love your back seam as well as your comment on it! LOL! And what a pretty blouse as well - looking forward to your coming projects! ;)

  3. The dress is sooo cute! I saw that seam (what seam?!) on Flicr and it's amazing -- you are TOTALLY insane. Did you get the seam right on the first try?

  4. lisa, you crack me up. spend less time making candles/growing things/building things/being a pioneer woman and just sew and you, too, can sew loads of cute things!! ^_^
    astrid - thanks so much!!
    tenae yeah, I am insane. And that is the first try, AND I had to stop myself from doing it over when I noticed that the black stripe was a little too narrow. So I could be way more insane!! (Of course, I haven't shown you the seam over the invisible zipper!!)

  5. The cherry dress is amazing, Sarah, so beautiful. I've seen that fabric before and almost bought some. And the blouse is so cute. Is the applique fully sewed on or is it a pocket?
    Can't wait to see the robot jammies. 2-piece or a nightgown? The only 2-piece pj's my daughter will wear are ones that have makeup on them (pictures of, not actual makeup) other than those she's a nightgown kind of girl (when she was 2 she wore a frou-frou nightgown that said "princess" on it all the time, literally - she wore it to preschool pretty much every day). And my 7-yr-old son will wear flannel pj's in the summer. Hmmm, that reminds me I have some robot flannel stashed away. I may just have to make him some pj's. I have a pattern that I used to make him a clown costume for a play at school...

  6. misc: thanks! You know, I didn't even know what the fabric was when Emily picked it out (off the laptop screen, big sale by an ebay seller) but I've seen it since too -- most notably on a sewing basket at Joann's!
    Yes, the applique is sewn all around -- I thought of a pocket but the placement is odd.
    The robot jammies will be pants with an appliqued camisole -- Emily hates sleeves on her PJs even in the dead of winter! I need to look through my patterns for the pants asap. Go make yours! We'll have a robot jammies throwdown!

  7. Woah! every time I've tried to match a seam like that I failed horribly, even with it pointed out in the photo I couldn't see it at first!

  8. well, considering the amazing stuff you DO sew....who cares if you can match a print? holy heck!!

  9. oh, i love how whimsical her clothes come out. What type of sewing machine do you use?


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