Tuesday, April 22, 2008

what got me through

I had a hellish deadline to hit (as in, NO SLEEP 'TIL UPLOADING) and I don't know how I lived. Here's some of what got me through:


a little (okay, a BIG) pick-me-up on the gawker blog Jezebel (which I would never have seen if Emily hadn't noticed a link to it in the sidebar on lifehacker when I was looking for something)

Lykke Li

Divine Chocolate fruit and nut bar (a favor from a friend's wedding this past weekend - Emily got dark chocolate and Evan got Milk Hazelnut, we love them!)

knowing that these shoes were on their way to me:


and now, I sleep.


  1. See, that is SO cool! We usually don't watch YGG (the girl is very particular about her shows and usually demands the same 2-3), but she was sick Monday and I convinced her (after watching so many of the regulars) to try something new. We saw this episode and I told her that I bet you guys did that part :) WOO! Neato!
    And those shoes are awesome! You always find the coolest stuff!

  2. Hope you had good sleep. I'm sure the color work you did on the M&C strip are great.


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